Logistics Coordinator

  • Ámbito geográfico: Ucrania. Kiev
  • Puesto: Logistics Coordinator
  • Fecha finalización: 31/03/2023
  • Contacto: http://ow.ly/wrNS50N7WhJ



Logistics Coordinator will be in charge of the overall logistic support provided to the mission. In particular, the LogCo will monitor logistics implementation of projects in compliance with the defined strategy and MdM and donors’ regulations. The LogCo will be responsible of the implementation and follow-up of logistics procedures; will assure technical supervision to the logistics team for logistics, procurement and applied security, under the responsibility of the General coordinator.

Geographical scope of intervention

The successful candidate will be based in Kyiv with frequent visits to Dnipro, Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhia, Chernihiv and Chernivtsi oblasts, or other field locations as required.

Organisation chart

The Logistics Coordinator will report to the General Coordinator


Logistics coordination

• Contribute to the definition of the Logistics component of the Mission´s strategy and develop, update and disseminate the Mission´s Logistics Strategy.

• Define the country’s logistics team configuration, ensuring the correct allocation of human resources within the Mission.

• Work with the Coordination team to define mission objectives, strategies, procurement needs and budgets and ensure their day-to-day monitoring and management

• Define/adapt, implement and follow-up the logistical and procurement activities required to achieve general objectives, in close collaboration with the General Coordinator.

• Defines and implements logistic process and tools and ensures that everyone is trained and respecting these processes

Program activities

• Performs the role of technical adviser and take final responsibility for all logistical tasks of the mission

• Is responsible for the appropriate selection (in collaboration with the Logistics Referent in the HQ), installation, use and maintenance of equipment across the following technical disciplines: Information Technology, Communications, Mechanics, Energy & Electricity, Cold Chain etc.

• Supports and assists field’s technical choices for the various logistical areas (procurement, construction, safety, etc.)

• Guarantees the availability, implementation and management of all the technical and logistical resources required to carry out the operations of the mission,

• Harmonizes logistics tools and procedures for the mission

• Takes part in Program and security assessments as per requirement

• Develops and maintains good network of contacts to facilitate emergency response (customs, suppliers, other NGOs, etc.) and provides logistics support to operations.

• Ensures the filling, follow-up and archiving of the procurement / logistics documents; contributes to capitalization at the mission level (park state, purchase follow-up, donation follow-up…)

• Ensures supplier mapping and works on mission commodities catalogue and price listing at the mission level.

• Leads National and international Procurement with HQ and Mission Program department.

• Keeps up to date the mission trackers with national level procurements and dissemination of information with other Departments.

• Works on project procurement planning in close collaboration with other departments

• Works on the Framework agreement to enhance the performance of the logistics & supply department for quick response to meet the need of any emergency response.

• Follows international procurement and updats the latest status of international procurement.

• Ensures timely and transparent sharing of information with the log, program and admin team, the coordination team in order to ensure good understanding of the logistics activities and logistics priorities.

• Responsible for the communication related to procurement / logistic issues with the Logistic referent in the HQ.

• Responsible for monthly reporting: monthly logistics report, Situation Report, ongoing contracts, procurement files, inventories.


• Contribute to analyse the Mission´s operational context.

• Provides technical advice and drafts mission security guidelines and the contingency plan

• Ensures that all necessary measures are taken in order to avoid theft, destruction or other type of damage of MDM material and property.

• Provides technical supervision to Logistics officers of each base on technical aspects of security management

• Guarantees the security of transport (passengers and goods),

• Ensures, with Fieldcos and the GenCo, the feasibility of evacuation plans (resources, assessment of the context, etc.)

• Supports the General Coordinator and Field Coordinators with security management matters in the absence of the Security Coordinator.


• Ensures that storage, packing and management of stocks are done according to MdM regulations

• Provides logistical support to medical department to ensure adequate storing, packing and pharmacy management.

• Ensures there is a close monitoring and regular physical counting of the stocks in the mission.

• Ensures monthly stock reporting in the mission from different field offices.


• Ensures that communication means in the mission have the required level and quality.

• Ensures a permanent access to communication between HQ and the mission and between all bases.

• Ensures all staff benefits from proper training on how to use communications equipment available in the mission, i.e. satellite phones, etc.

• Ensures that all numbers and frequencies are updated and available to all staff in the mission.

Vehicles and Engines

• Ensures that the fleet of vehicles meets the needs of the mission and complies with MDM standards.

• Ensures the quality and efficiency of the service required for all vehicles and engines, according to MDM guidelines.

• Ensures the safety and the organisation of all MDM staff and materials transportation.


• Ensures the safety, proper use, proper storage and maintenance of MDM material.

• Ensure that inventories of all material and equipment used exist and are updated.

Team Management and capacity building

• Technical follow up of the logistics staff; continuous training and coaching of the log team.

• Participates in selection and follow up of the logistics related staff.

• Contributes to the proper induction of new staff, ensuring that logistics briefings are done with relevant staff.

• Identifies people showing potential within the logistic staff.

• Ensures a proper handover of all the logistics responsibilities to the national staff.

• Evaluate the performance of every team member and contribute to the development of their relevant skills.

Minimum requirements

Required qualifications

Academic background:

University degree or diploma.

A Master in International Cooperation / Logistics and/or Humanitarian Aid is desirable.


Language: Excellent written and spoken English, Ukrainian and/or Russian will be an asset.

Computer requirements: Office pack user level.


The successful candidate must have at least 5 years’ field experience in emergency situations. At least 3 years’ experience in positions with similar responsibility and working on planning, design, management and monitoring of programmes from NGO in fragile scenarios to complex emergencies.

Experience in project planning, implementation and evaluation is desirable. Team coordination experience.

Experience in security policies implementation in conflict zones.

Competence profile

High organizational capacity and for adaptation to emergency and post-emergency situations.

Proven capacity for team leadership and management.

Team work and networking capacity.

Thoroughness and self-sufficiency at work.

Strict compliance with the safety protocols established for the country and MdM mission

Identification with the lines of work, values and mission of Médicos del Mundo.


As soon as possible


Medicos del Mundo’s Salary charts.

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