Mental Health and Psichosocial Support Coordinator

  • Ámbito geográfico: Ukraine
  • Puesto: Mental Health and Psichosocial Support Coordinator
  • Fecha finalización: 31/05/2022
  • Contacto:


Médicos del Mundo has been operating in Ukraine since August 2015 and is currently implementing an emergency response and recovery nexus program in the Eastern part of Ukraine (Luhansk oblast, government and non-government controlled areas – GCAs and NGCAs; Donetsk oblast – GCA). The program is implemented around following main components:

1) Direct delivery of services through multidisciplinary mobile units including Primary Health Care (PHC), Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH), Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) and support to Gender-Based Violence (GBV) survivors).

2) Strengthening of local health systems (with a specific focus on PHC, SRH, MHPSS and GBV) through capacity building of health and non-health staff, awareness raising and advocacy.

3) Support the health system in response to COVID-19 pandemics in Eastern Ukraine.

In the area of mental health, the range of interventions includes: training and supervision in mhGAP of family doctors; training and supervision in Problem Management Plus for community based helping professions; MHPSS community awareness raising and promotion of self-help; and advocacy for MHPSS integration in PHC; use of good clinical practices; integrating MHPSS in community – level settings.


The MHPSS Coordinator is responsible for the design of MdM MHPSS strategy and modalities in the area of intervention, the correct implementation, monitoring and evaluation of MHPSS activities in line with MdM quality standards. He/she also ensures the technical support, training and supervision of MdM and partner MHPSS teams.


60% of time in Coordination team base (currently Chernivtsi), 40% in field assessments or supervisions


The MHPSS Coordinator reports directly to the General Coordinator.


Technical support to MHPSS Program:

Ensures Assess needs and ensure technical framework coherence of MdM’s MHPSS intervention through technical supervision put in place to MdM’s staff and partners following MdM’s standards and in line with Ukrainian health policies.

Support the field team in developing and implementing relevant protocols and referral mechanisms in coordination with MedCo.

Ensure processes to monitor quality and follow up of activities are in place and applied by MdM and partners.

Plan, coordinate, validate Information, Education and Communication (IEC) MHPSS materials to support MHPSS activities.

Innovations in Mental Health:

Develop innovative tools, approaches, modalities, interventions to enable access to MHPSS services aiming to bridge the existing gaps due to the under-developed system of MH care or protracted conflict induced limitations (e.g.: community based specialized MH outreach teams; community MHPSS focal points).

Adapt existing interventions to hardly accessible areas or with no physical access to beneficiaries (i.e., on-line modalities; tele-medicine; etc.).

Training activities:

Develop appropriate training objectives, planning, contents, evaluation tools, and didactic materials for the interventions PM+, mhGAP, community health focal points in areas of mental health and GBV; and other topic areas as defined by programmatic needs.

Identify the training needs of staff on MHPSS and GBV and organize relevant trainings (directly or through external resources).

Ensure implementation of theoretical and on the job training for the MHPSS team (directly, or through external resources).

Evaluate, based on the initial objectives, the acquired capacities of the trained staff based on the set of established frames of competencies).

Advocacy and communication activities:

Contribute to the development of the communication strategy of MdM in reaching the strategic objectives in MHPSS program.

Develop, lead and participate in advocacy activities in line with the MHPSS advocacy strategy and plan in close collaboration with the advocacy manager.

Monitoring activities:

Validate the interventions proposed and monitor their effectiveness.

Follow-up the MHPSS intervention implementation and ensure it is in line with projects timeline and quality standards.

Coordinate with Medical coordinator and Field Coordinators the implementation of technical support of MHPSS Managers on the bases.

Propose programmatic adaptations of the MHPSS program and activities if needed.

Human Resources:

Participate in defining Job descriptions/ToRs for MHPSS staff, recruitment, training and coaching MHPSS Managers and other team members as needed in order to build local capacities among MdM MHPSS Team.

Follow-up, update, revise the competency framework for MHPSS team, as part of the annual appraisal and staff review processes or based on the need aimed at monitoring of technical performance.

Participate in objective setting and performance appraisal for MHPSS staff.

Follow-up on the staff-support intervention for MdM’s staff, planning necessary measures and activities to ensure MdM’s staff mental health is adequately supported in collaboration with the General Coordinator and Administrative Coordinator.

Proposal writing and Reporting:

Contribute to the identification, design and proposal writing of MHPSS intervention.

Provide regular technical reporting on MHPSS activities to the General Coordinator, coordination team, technical referent in HQ in line with established technical report structure.

Validate and contribute to Sit-Rep monthly mission reports.

Contribute to donor reports by analyzing the M&E data related to MHPSS activities collected and consolidated from field implementation.

Ensure follow-up on technical implementation reports at field level (e.g. training reports).

Other responsibilities:

Participate in Coordination team meetings.

Represent MdM in external meetings relevant for MHPSS and GBV.

Plan and develop tools for the assessment needed to develop MdM’s program and integrated MHPSS activities.

This list of activities is not exhaustive and may change depending on the situation.



Contract length: 1 year.


Medicos del Mundo’s Salary charts.



Academic background required: Psychologist or psychiatrist.

Desirable: Master´s degree in International Development and/or Humanitarian Aid.

Other qualifications: Project management.

Language requirements: Fluent English (written and spoken). An important asset: Russian/Ukrainian.

Computer requirements: Office pack user level.


Experience working in different cultural contexts. Knowledge of the political, social and cultural context of Ukraine is an asset.

Knowledge in public mental health, as well as integrated MHPSS interventions models in promotion/prevention and treatments at primary health care level.

Knowledge of guidelines and principles, good practices, of mental health and psychosocial support in emergency settings.

Ability and proven capacity in planning and monitoring MHPSS programmes in line with the psychological and psychosocial consequences of violence, including gender-based violence.

Strong oral and written skills, particularly in providing technical support for proposals, reports and advocacy materials.


Ability to work independently.

Reactivity, anticipation, adaptability, capacity to take initiatives.

Creativity and the ability to work with limited resources.

Strong problem solving and organisational skills.

Ability to prioritize.

Listening and diplomacy skills.

Team spirit.

Capacity to work and live in challenging environments (proximity to armed conflict, unstable situations).

Strict compliance with the safety protocols established for the country and MdM mission

Alignment with principles and ethics of Medicos del Mundo

Identification with MdM´s lines of work, values and mission.


  • Coordination
  • Team work
  • Communication